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Welcome to discover the traces of the last Ice Age

With its charming nature trails and unique geology, Rokua Geopark is Finland's first UNESCO Global Geopark. Take a journey through landscapes shaped by the Ice Age and discover sites that tell the story of the region's origins from the Ice Age to the present day!


Geopark in the middle of Finland

Rokua Geopark is located in Northern Ostrobothnia in the municipalities of Muhos, Utajärvi and Vaala. Coming from Oulu, the area begins in Muhos, about 20 km from the city, and continues to Lake Oulujärvi, about 90 km away. You can get to Rokua by public transport, car, bicycle, hiking or even by boat!

Directions to Rokua Geopark


Finland’s first UNESCO Global Geopark takes you to the traces of the Ice Age

Rokua Geopark is the first tourist area in Finland to be awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status. It is one of the northernmost of the more than 160 UNESCO Global Geoparks in the world.

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Right now

Rokua Geopark spring experiences

There are many ways to enjoy the spring sunshine in Rokua Geopark. Here are some tips for a day trip or a short holiday!

Follow the Ice Age trails in Rokua Geopark

Rokua Geopark offers things to see and do for all ages! We have put together three ready-made itineraries for your day or overnight trip to Rokua Geopark. Along the ring routes you will find our most spectacular natural and cultural sites and a wide range of services. Grab your car or bike and take a trip on the Ice Age Trail to the Oulujoki River Valley, Rokua or Lake Oulujärvi!

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The cabins in Rokua Geopark are a base for holidaymakers surrounded by nature and services. Explore our offering and book your favourite cottage or villa for your holiday home!
Cottages and villas
The hiking trails in Rokua Geopark are set in a unique environment. On your hike, you will experience ridge landscapes with lichens and clear-water ponds, deep river valleys with groves and rocky outcrops, and wide, sun-drenched lake shores.
The most extensive official mountain bike trails in the Rokua Geopark area can be found in Rokua National Park. There are also combined hiking and mountain biking trails in Manamansalo on Lake Oulujärvi and in the Oulujoki Valley Tar Routes. You can bike on your own or take a guided tour.
Mountain biking

Things to do in Rokua Geopark

 What can you do in Rokua Geopark?

Rokua Geopark is a great holiday destination for families, nature lovers and anyone who enjoys a cottage holiday. Or how about a camp school, party or company event in a unique geopark?

The fascinating stories of Rokua Geopark

Rokua Geopark is home to countless stories

The oldest stories tell of the formation of the landscape two billion years ago. More recent ones tell of the experiences, lifestyles and cultural heritage of different generations. The stories open up the history of the area and recount oral and written traditions. Enter a world of fascinating stories!

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Read the Löytöretkellä magazine!

Rokua Geopark’s summer magazine Löytöretkellä has been published. Get to know the story and services of the area and read our tips for nature and culture trips for the coming summer!

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Unforgettable experiences in Rokua Geopark

Rokua Geopark offers visitors a lot to see, experience and learn. Browse our services and choose activities for your holiday or day trip!