How to get to Rokua Geopark

The Rokua Geopark area is accessible by almost all means of transport. On this page you will find information about connections to the Rokua Geopark area. The latest addition is the long-awaited bus service to Rokua National Park. The Rokua Geopark area and sites can be reached by public transport, car, hiking, cycling and boat.

Using public transport

From Oulu or Kajaani

The three centres of Rokua Geopark – Muhos, Utajärvi and Vaala – are easily accessible by train and bus. There are several daily connections between Oulu and Kajaani throughout the year. There is also a local bus service between Oulu and Muhos (routes 40 and 41).

Rokua National Park is now accessible by public transport from both Oulu and Kajaani. The journey from both Oulu and Kajaani to Rokua takes about 90 minutes. The bus stops in Rokua are Kuntokeskuksentie, Matkaparkki and Rokuanhovi. The Kuntokeskuksentie stop is in front of the Rokua Health & Spa Hotel. The Matkaparkki stop is in the car park at the start of Kuntoraitti road. The Rokuanhovi stop is at the end of Rokuanhovintie, about 200 metres from the hotel.

Further information

Check the Matkahuolto and VR websites for prices, payment methods, departure times and stops.

With the Matkahuolto Routes and Tickets app, you can plan your entire journey from start to finish and buy tickets for long-distance, train, local and regional transport. The app takes into account different modes of transport and route options.

The bus to Rokua is operated by Oulaisten Liikenne Oy. The bus can carry two bicycles, which can be reserved and paid for when buying a bus ticket on Matkahuolto’s website. VR allows bicycles to be transported on InterCity trains.

Download the Matkahuolto routes and tickets application

By car, walking, cycling or boat

Rokua by car

Highway 22 between Oulu and Kajaani passes through the Rokua Geopark area and the town centres of Muhos, Utajärvi and Vaala. By car, you can easily reach the more remote areas of the Rokua Geopark, such as Manamansalo Island in Lake Oulujärvi.

Rokua by foot or bicycle

From Sankivaara in Oulu to the Rokua National Park, there is a 100-kilometre hiking trail called the Tar Route. There are also public transport stops along the way.
The main cycle route number 8 in the Oulu region runs from Oulu to Muhos. From Muhos you can cycle along the motorway.

Explore the bicycle routes

The Tar Road, which runs from Oulu to Rokua in the Oulujoki River Valley, is suitable for mountain biking. From Kajaani, you can cycle along the roads on both sides of Lake Oulujärvi. Road 22 runs along the north shore of the lake. The road on the south shore of the lake is via Vuolijoki.

Rokua by boat

The Oulujoki River is accessible by boat from Oulu to Muhos, a distance of 35 kilometres. Read more about boating on the website of the municipality of Muhos.

The eastern part of Rokua Geopark consists of the Niskanselkä area of Lake Oulu, which is ideal for boating. See the website of the municipality of Vaala for boat mooring and marinas.

Read more about the Tar route

Flights to Rokua

The nearest airports are in Oulu and Kajaani. There is a bus service from the airports to the city centre. Taxis are also available.