A treasure trove for learners

The Rokua Geopark area offers a versatile framework for camp schools and school excursions. The area has both natural and cultural environments that are suitable for both teaching and visiting. These include the national park, state-owned camping and recreation areas and forest reserves. The area also has an active network of businesses providing accommodation, catering and programme services for different target groups.

Interested in a camp school?

If you are planning a camp school, you can contact Rokua Geopark’s environmental educator Mikko Kiuttu for programme ideas, contact details for services and local information about the sites and the opportunities they offer.

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Oulu River Valley

  • Montta Active Camping (programme services, in particular adventure education; accommodation, catering)
  • Merilä Manor (accommodation, catering, educational facilities)


  • Oulu Evangelical Lutheran Church / Rokua Camp Centre (accommodation, educational facilities, programme services)
  • Rokua Health & Spa Hotel (accommodation, catering, educational facilities, programme services)
  • Hotel Rokuanhovi (accommodation, catering, educational facilities)

Lake Oulu

  • Manamansalon Portti (accommodation, catering, art education)

Active camping Montta

Traditional camping on the bank of the Oulujoki river in Muhos, surrounded by forest, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful nature landscapes.…

Active camping Montta


Active camping Montta

Countryside Hotel Merilä Manor

Merilä Manor, located right on the river banks of Oulujoki River, has cosy, high-class rooms in 3 buildings: Aittahotelli has…

Merilän Kartano


Maaseutuhotelli Merilän Kartano

Rokuanhovi Cabins

Rokuahovi’s 10 cozy cabins offer comfortable accommodation for travellers who like a relaxed atmosphere. You can admire wonderful views from…



Rokuanhovin mökit