Pet-friendly services

Pets are welcome in Rokua Geopark, and many of our businesses welcome furry friends. Check out our pet-friendly services in the area! Please let us know you are travelling with a pet when booking.

Outdoor activities on the trails of Rokua Geopark

All the outdoor trails in our area are suitable for dogs. In winter, Rokua National Park maintains a multi-use trail where dogs can be walked. Remember to keep your dog on a lead!

Dog parks

The municipalities in the Rokua Geopark area have many dog playgrounds. Dog parks can be found on Takatie road in Vaala, near Utajärvi church on Penkkatie road, and in Muhos in Eeva-Liisa Park between Sammontie and Vehnäkuja roads.

Dog beaches

Dogs can play in the water in the following areas:

  • Ahveroinen Pond next to Rokua Health & Spa Hotel (outside the public beach)
  • Montta Active Camping has its own swimming area for dogs
  • The Laukanranta B&B beach (for customers)
  • Dog beach at Manamansalon Portti