Services in Rokua Geopark

Rokua Geopark offers a wide range of services. Find the accommodation, equipment rental or programme services you need. The businesses in the area offer options for both active holidays and relaxation.


Stay comfortably in the natural surroundings of Rokua Geopark. The area offers hotels, villas and camping sites with all the facilities you need. Staying overnight in Rokua Geopark is an easy way to enjoy nature as most of the accommodation services are close to the hiking sites.

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Program services

Guided experiences are the best way to get to know the nature and the culture of Rokua Geopark! Local entrepreneurs are happy to guide you through the legacy of the Ice Age and local cultural history.

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Equipment rental

Need equipment for your explorations in Rokua Geopark? You can rent equipment for both land and water all year round from companies in our area.

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