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Rokua Geopark offers great nature experiences and excursions for active holidaymakers and families who enjoy nature. There are also accessible sites and facilities where everyone can enjoy the area. Here are some of the accessible destinations suitable for travellers with reduced mobility.
Rokua Geopark’s accessible sites
The Rokua Geopark area offers a versatile framework for camp schools and school excursions. The area has both natural and cultural environments that are suitable for both teaching and visiting. These include the national park, state-owned camping and recreation areas and forest reserves. The area also has an active network of businesses providing accommodation, catering and programme services for different target groups.
Camp schools
Pets are welcome in Rokua Geopark, and many of our businesses welcome furry friends. Check out our pet-friendly services in the area! Please let us know you are travelling with a pet when booking.
Pet-friendly services
If you're not sure where to start exploring Rokua Geopark, check out our list of the most popular places to visit in the area. Lake Oulujärvi, Rokua and the Oulujoki River Valley offer natural and cultural experiences!
Most popular attractions
Rokua Geopark offers things to see and do for all ages! We have put together three ready-made itineraries for your day or overnight trip to Rokua Geopark. Along the ring routes you will find our most spectacular natural and cultural sites and a wide range of services. Grab your car or bike and take a trip on the Ice Age Trail to the Oulujoki River Valley, Rokua or Lake Oulujärvi!
Ice Age round trip trails
Rokua Geopark has plenty to offer even when the weather is bad. Go to the spa, visit exhibitions or learn about the region's history in museums.
Indoor activities
A canoe trip is a great way to discover the nature of Rokua Geopark from a different perspective! Canoeing is a form of exercise similar to hiking where you can train your arms and core muscles and refresh your mind with the breathtaking scenery. Canoeing can be done in a kayak or an open canoe. There are a number of companies in the area that can provide canoeing instruction, information and equipment rental. You can contact them to book equipment already when you are planning your trip.
The most extensive official mountain bike trails in the Rokua Geopark area can be found in Rokua National Park. There are also combined hiking and mountain biking trails in Manamansalo on Lake Oulujärvi and in the Oulujoki Valley Tar Routes. You can bike on your own or take a guided tour.
Mountain biking
The hiking trails in Rokua Geopark are set in a unique environment. On your hike, you will experience ridge landscapes with lichens and clear-water ponds, deep river valleys with groves and rocky outcrops, and wide, sun-drenched lake shores.
The cabins in Rokua Geopark are a base for holidaymakers surrounded by nature and services. Explore our offering and book your favourite cottage or villa for your holiday home!
Cottages and villas
The wilderness areas of Rokua Geopark have rich fishing waters. The waters in the area - the Oulujoki River, Lake Oulujäri and a number of smaller lakes and ponds - contain pike, pike-perch, rainbow trout and lake trout. All the waterways in the area have easily accessible and peaceful fishing waters with good accommodation and other facilities for longer fishing trips. Winter fishing is good on the smaller lakes and ponds in the area.
The skiing terrain in Rokua Geopark is interesting and varied. Ski tracks in the area follow hiking trails. The trail network offers a wide variety of trails of all types and lengths for both fitness skiers and top athletes. There are campfire sites along the way. On longer trips you can stay in lean-tos.