Put on your backpack and go!

The hiking trails in Rokua Geopark are set in a unique environment. On your hike, you will experience ridge landscapes with lichens and clear-water ponds, deep river valleys with groves and rocky outcrops, and wide, sun-drenched lake shores.

There are hiking trails along the Oulu and Muhos Rivers, in the Rokua National Park, on the islands of Manamansalo and Kuosto, in Säräisniemi and near the centre of Vaala. In addition, the Oulu River Valley Tar Trail runs from Rokua via Utajärvi and Muhos to Sankivaara in Oulu and, at 90 km, is the longest continuous hiking trail in the Geopark area.

There are berry and mushroom picking opportunities along most of the routes, with the bounty just waiting to be picked. The area also has routes suitable for people with reduced mobility or baby carriage. Some of the routes are themed nature trails with information boards about local nature and culture along the way.

Easy-to-follow favourite routes for the youngest members of the family

Half-day pleasure trips

Nature and cultural history

Longer hikes