Lichen carpet in Rokua. Photograph: Harri Tarvainen 2022. Rokua Geopark.

Rokua Geopark's accessible sites offer nature experiences for all

Rokua Geopark offers great nature experiences and excursions for active holidaymakers and families who enjoy nature. There are also accessible sites and facilities where everyone can enjoy the area. Here are some of the accessible destinations suitable for travellers with reduced mobility.

1. Liimanninkoski lean-to, Muhos

Liimanninkoski lean-to is located in Muhoksi and offers a great place to rest while hiking. The lean-to can be easily reached with a wheelchair and with assistance, people with reduced mobility can also enjoy the atmosphere.

2. Pälli lean-to, Utajärvi

The Pälli lean-to is accessible by car to the end, making it easily accessible for all hikers. The hut offers a place to rest and enjoy a snack in a natural setting. The campsite has a fireplace and an outhouse.

3. Accessible routes from Rokua Health & Spa Hotel

  • There is a kilometre-long asphalted walking and cycling path around Ahveroinen Lake, next to the Rokua Health & Spa Hotel.
  • Between Rokua Health & Spa Hotel and the wilderness hotel Rokuanhovi there is an about three kilometre-long asphalted walking and cycling path.
  • The Kirvesjärvi hut is about two kilometres away along a gravel path. The Lianjärvi day-use hut is situated along the way and has been made accessible for people with reduced mobility. However, please note that the route has steep hills and large differences in altitude, making it suitable for people with reduced mobility only with an assistant.

4. Pitkäjärvi hut, Rokua National Park

From the southern edge of Rokua National Park, from the parking area of Lake Pitkäjärvi, there is a gravel path about one kilometre long leading to the Pitkäjärvi hut. The hut is designed to be accessible so everyone can enjoy the atmosphere and a picnic.

5. Isokivi erratic boulder in Kankari, Vaala

The largest erratic boulder in Rokua Geopark, Isokivi, is accessed by a 200-metre-long graveled and flat path. This makes it easily accessible for wheelchair users. The Isokivi nature board provides interesting information about the history and nature of the area.

The best way to find out about the accessibility of the tourism operators’ services is to ask them directly. Although many services are designed to be accessible, it is always good to make sure they meet your needs and expectations.

Rokua Geopark’s accessible sites offer all tourists interested in nature and hiking the opportunity to experience the area’s uniqueness. Discover the traces of the last Ice Age!

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