On the Traces of the Ice Age - Lake Oulujärvi

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

Vaalantie 14
91700, Vaala


Rokua Geopark has a lot to see and do for all ages! We put together a ready-made route suggestion for your trip in Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark area. Along the circular route you will find unique landscapes and nature formations shaped by the ice age, as well as interesting cultural attractions and versatile services! Grab a car or a bike and go discover Lake Oulujärvi.

European Union’s oldest bedrock, tens of kilometers of sandy beaches and a marine atmosphere on Finland’s largest inland open waters.

According to one theory, the eye-catching landscape of Lake Oulujärvi has been created as a result of the effects of ancient crustal movements, continental ruptures and the ice age, and according to another story, giants have had something to do with it. One way or another, the Lake Oulujärvi area is perfect for spending summer days and exploring interesting cultural history.

Along the route, you can spend the night on a lake-view cottage, on a caravan by the lake or tenting under a million stars. Fish, paddle, hike, swim, watch birds, visit a museum or an art exhibition. Both independent and guided tours possible!

This route is at its best during the summer.

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