Rumala-Kuvaja-Oudonrimmet mire area, Vaala

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

91700, Vaala
+ 358 40 172 7513

The Rumala, Kuvaja and Oudonrimmet mire area is a valuable complex of string bogs and raised bogs, and also one of the natural attractions of Rokua Geopark area.

The mire area covers approximately 5,000 hectares. The marshes in the area are largely watery quagmires. They are also reasonably nutrient-rich and provide a valuable habitat for several rare species of animals and plants. Together with Lake Oulujärvi’s Painuanlahti bay, the area is also a prime birdwatching area. The area is covered by the Natura 2000 programme and the heart of the area is protected by a national mire protection programme.

The best way of reaching the area is via Vuolijoentie, taking the turn-off to Metsälammentie. The road takes you to the Kuvaja birdwatching tower, an excellent lookout point for incredible views over the marsh. The tower also has noticeboards with information about the wildlife in the marsh. There is a lean-to close to the birdwatching tower.