Oulujärvi Hiking Area

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

Teeriniementie 156
88340, Vaala

+358 20 6396059

The Oulujärvi hiking area offers a wide range of opportunities for kayaking, boating, hiking, fishing and other recreational activities. The hiking area covers parts of the Niskanselkä islands and the mainland coastline. The islands in the hiking area have groomed hiking trails, shelters and campfire sites, as well as landing sites for boats. The most famous excursion destination in Lake Oulujärvi is the island of Manamansalo, which is the fifth largest inland island in Finland.

The starting point for the hiking trails in the hiking area is at the Manamansalo camping site in Teeriniemi. Hiking trails run through the ice age-formed ridges in lake and pond landscapes. There are several stops along the routes, for example in Makkaraniemi and Särkinen. The other islands in the hiking area can be reached by kayak as well as by own boat.

Parks and Wildlife Finland nature services are responsible for the hiking trails and structures in the area. The facilities are maintained during the snowless time of the year. During winter you can move around with snowshoes, for example.

A few kilometers from the hiking area you can find also other interesting Rokua Geopark attractions, such as the Deer Trail, the Memorial Church of Manamansalo and the Kilonniemi Gneiss Site.