Kankarin Isokivi Erratic Boulder

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

91700, Vaala

+ 358 40 172 7513

Kankarin Isokivi is the largest erratic boulder in Rokua Geopark area. Kankarin Isokivi was officially opened for public in 2023. Isokivi is a presentable example of an erratic boulder that was carried around by the continental ice sheet. Kankarin Isokivi is six meters in height and 11 meters in length. In addition, the boulder has dropped a smaller boulder on spot. The initial weight has been something around 500 tons. Isokivi consists of pegmatite rock which was crystallized 1 800 million years ago.

Kankarin Isokivi is located in Kankari Village in Vaala municipality, by Lake Oulujärvi. There is an accessible path (about 200 meters) from parking area to the boulder. The site can be visited during snowless time.