On The Traces Of The Ice Age - The Oulujoki River Valley

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

Muhostie 2
91500, Muhos


This is a ready-made route suggestion for your trip in the beautiful river valley of Oulujoki river in Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. Grab a car or a bike and go discover the Oulujoki River Valley.

The Oulujoki River Valley enchants with its idyllic countryside landscape, lush grove forests and colorful history.

The Oulujoki water basin is known as an ancient route of travel, tar and tourism, and many important cultural sites have survived from this time, such as the Lamminaho farm and the wooden churches of Muhos and Utajärvi. Today, the Oulujoki River generates a lot of hydropower, and the Oulujoki power plants and their residential areas designed by architect Aarne Ervi form an interesting entity in terms of architecture and history. Part of the Oulujoki river valley area is also classified as a nationally valuable landscape area.

Along the route you can stay the night at a countryside hotel, cottages or caravan area. Hike on nature trails, go padding, go fishing, visit museums and other cultural attractions.

This route is at its best during the summer, when the services and attractions are open.

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