Syvyydenkaivo, "the Well of the Depths"

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

91670, Utajärvi
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Syvyydenkaivo (meaning ‘well of the depths’), is one of the deepest kettle-hole ponds in Finland. Steep-sided “suppa” holes in the sandy esker are marks of large blocks of ice, which got buried in the sand during the Ice Age.

The calculated depth of Syvyydenkaivo is about 50 meters. At the bottom there is an 8-meter-thick swamp, which covers part of the actual depth of the kettle hole.

Syvyydenkaivo kettle hole is located along the Syvyydenkierros hiking trail of Rokua National Park, the trail can be used during snowless time. Please note that it is not allowed to visit Syvyydenkaivo by mountain bike.